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Prescription Eyeglasses

No matter what your eye condition, or how you choose to view the world, there are now prescription lenses that meet your unique lifestyle and vision correction needs.

Proudly serving in Richmond Hill, ON.

Prescription Eyeglasses Services in Richmond Hill

These include eyeglass lenses that change as the light changes, from clear indoors to dark outdoors, bifocal lenses that provide multiple fields of vision, high-index lenses that are thinner and lighter than ever before, progressive lenses that eliminate the traditional lines of multifocal lenses, and helpful lens treatments that can further help you obtain clear vision.

The point is, while eyeglass lenses are prescribed to correct all kinds of vision problems, prescription lenses have come a long way—offering you the opportunity to truly customize your eyeglasses and make a statement about how you choose to look at the world.

Eye doctor, high index lenses in Richmond Hill, ON

Manufactured to be thinner at the edges of the lens and lighter in weight overall—a good choice for people with stronger prescriptions.

Eye doctor, man wearing progressive lensess in Richmond Hill, ON

Progressive lenses allow multiple vision fields to be incorporated into a single lens without any clear distinction between the fields themselves.

Eye doctor, business man wearing computer glasses in Richmond Hill, ON

Computer glasses reduce eye strain by adjusting the focus slightly so that your eyes feel like they are focusing on something further away.

Optometrist, uv protection in Richmond Hill, ON

Photochromic lenses change from clear to dark based on the intensity of UV radiation. Remove the source of UV radiation from the lenses.

Eye doctor, senior woman with myopia in Richmond Hill, ON

So often, one pair of eyeglasses simply can’t do it all. Watch a short video about the benefits of having a second pair of glasses!

Eye doctor, lens caring in Richmond Hill, ON

When it comes to prescription lens care, there’s a simple rule that, if followed, will virtually guarantee years of optimum performance from your glasses.

Optometrist, eyeglasses frames options in Richmond Hill, ON

Which frame material is right for you? Learn about the different types of metal and plastic, and the advantages of each.

Eye doctor, broken glasses in Richmond Hill, ON

When it comes to your frames, it’s pretty easy to see why frame protection and maintenance is so important.

Optometrist, happy woman wearing bifocal glasses in Richmond Hill, ON

Bifocals are lenses with two distinct viewing areas to help correct vision that fails at two or even three distances.